Why hire a second photographer?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hiring a second photographer is an added cost to your wedding photography package, but in my opinion is worth every penny. I have a vetted network of photographers that I can call upon to attend your wedding alongside myself, all are professional photographers in their own right, and have tons of experience.

More Photos!

In an ideal world on your wedding day, I would split myself into two and capture every fleeting moment from multiple angles. But unfortunately, I can’t be in two places at once. You will receive more photos from your wedding day but also, a larger variety of photographs that a single shooter wouldn’t be able to capture just by themselves.

The primary photographer will be focused on perfecting the traditional key moments throughout your wedding day, whereas the second photographer can capture different angles and be more creative.

An extra helping hand

I understand that you would like your wedding day to run as smooth as possible, who wouldn’t? Whilst the primary photographer is posing you and organising your group shots, the second photographer can move visual distractions or run and grab a bouquet to help make the photography on the day runs as smooth as possible.

They can also act as a second pair of eyes in formal group shots, spotting un-tucked shirts, crooked ties and flyaway hair which is always very useful!

I would love to discuss your wedding, get in touch here. If you'd like to book a second shooter, please mention it when you enquire and I'll include it in your quote.

Backup in a worst case scenario

Although every step is taken to prevent the unfortunate event of not being able to attend your wedding, the chances of something happening hindering my ability to photograph your big day still remains. If you book a second photographer and something happens to the primary photographer, the secondary will become the primary and I’ll do my best to find another secondary to attend. If I can't find another secondary before your wedding day, you’ll be refunded the extra cost of booking the second photographer.

Your photographs will still be edited by me just shot be somebody else, so rest assured they will be of similar style to my portfolio.

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